Monday, 7 April 2014

I'm not well at the moment. :(

I'm not very well at the moment & won't able to blog properly until I feel better.
I just wanted to let you all know incase you wonder why I'm not blogging.

Thanks for all your support!

Look forward to blogging for you all soon.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Today I'm officially 5 years in part remission from Bone Cancer Osteosarcoma!

I wanted to let you know on the actual day but promise to write up/blog about this asap as I'm so fatigued & in pain at the moment so please check back to see this blog post updated very soon! ;-)

Image Source: Emm Roy

Saturday, 22 March 2014

I can't believe it's already 2 Months since my Dad passed away. R.I.P. Dad xxx

Yesterday I was doing a talk for +UCLPartners about my patient experience & cancer care etc but that  also lead to me talking about my Dad's experience of Pancreatic Cancer & sadly passing away 2 months ago. (I'm doing my blog on my presentation for +UCLPartners properly on a separate blog post on another day.)

So I woke up this morning before I even realised it was the 22nd March 2014 & felt an emptiness inside me like something was missing from me emotionally. Not having my Dad makes me feel like I'm missing a piece of me & that would be the bit were I would love talking to my Dad about history & especially World War 1 & 2.

Discussing how well my Dad's favourite football team +Queens Park Rangers FC .  were doing or not doing lol! Before my Dad passed away I did let him know +Queens Park Rangers FC  had won their last match & what any Q.P.R. Supporter would tell you is unfortunately that hasn't been that often as they'd like & so I knew it would mean a lot to my Dad. When my Dad heard +Queens Park Rangers FC . won he lifted his eyebrows up & smiled as at that point he couldn't speak much as his life was sadly coming to an end. As small as that was telling him that about Q.P.R I knew it would mean the world to him because he'd been such a big fan since the seventies when living in the United Kingdom. My Dad was such a +Queens Park Rangers FC  fan that he went out of his way when my brother was born to put an advert in the national newspaper to say "a fan for +Queens Park Rangers FC  has just been born."

The London Eye Lit Green on St.Patrick's Day 2014

Photo Source: photobucket

I remember this Monday 17th March 2014 (St.Patrick's Day) when I came out of hospital & when travelling back home I went past the London Eye which was all lit in green for St.Patrick's Day & straight away reminded me of my Dad especially as I get my Irish side from him.

It may be another two months Dad but I'll never forgot you & miss the fact you can't read my blog anymore & say what you think of it as you did before each time! I miss seeing your face & talking to you.

I also find it so hard having to change my writing to past tense when mentioning you, like my Dad was a great Dad etc but I'm sure I'm still naturally forgetting & putting the present tense because it's still so hard to think you've gone. :-(

Love you Dad & I hope to see you again one day! Xxxxxx <3

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sue Ryder contributes a special guest blog post! #findthegroom

Our shops are really important to us, raising millions to help us provide incredible care to those who need it. People with cancer, Parkinson' disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntingdon's all benefit from care we provide at our hospices and neurological centres across the UK.

As you might imagine, we rely hugely on the generosity of the public donating their unwanted items to us so we can continue our work. Whilst most of these items are unwanted, that doesn't mean they are unloved...

At the end of February, an elderly gentleman donated a beautiful wedding dress to us. It belonged to his late wife, who we believe had sadly passed away at our Wheatfields hospice. The dress is beautiful - rather unique an definitely unusual.

The dress was delivered with a note that simply said "A very much 'new look' dress bought at Susan Small, Commercial Street, Leeds, 1953 for (I think) 8 guineas."

It must have been very hard to part with such a treasured item, and we were obviously thrilled to get such a generous gift. But we only feel it's right that we're able to say thank you properly, and maybe find out a bit more about the dress itself.

So, we need people to help us #findthegroom. The dress was given to our shop in Headingley, near Leeds so we believe the groom is local to that area. If anyone recognises the dress, or might know anything about it, we'd love to hear from you!

We rely greatly on generous donations - we can turn your unwanted things into care for those who need it. From time to time, some donated goods really need to have their story told. 

Can you help?! 

Tweet this, post it on Facebook - and hopefully we'll be able to add to the dresses already great story.

Email if you have any details that might help us track down our generous donor, or tweet @Sue_Ryder #findthegroom. Thank you!

Update to #findthegroom - it's now #foundthegroom! 

Read more on the Yorkshire Evening Post:

Monday, 24 February 2014

Today I went to The House of Lords to show my support for the Saatchi Bill. - "LIVE from the house of lords."

I attended The House of Lords today because I support the #SaatchiBill regarding rare bone cancers/osteosarcoma & Pancreatic Cancer specifically because I had bone cancer osteosarcoma & my Dad died from Pancreatic Cancer & survival rates haven't changed for bone cancer in 25 years & Pancreatic cancer rates haven't changed in 40 years! It's time to help rare cancers & other rare conditions.

The good thing about the Saatchi Bill is that it doesn't discriminate against illnesses & involves all conditions that need help for better treatment for people. It's great that it involves rare conditions as usually the less people with a illness the worst the outcome.
Think of it as someone having a pot of money & deciding where to spend it. Your more likely to spend on common illnesses who are more likely to survive & recover. Unlike rare cancers & rare conditions that not many people have & are unlikely to survive so it's a catch 22.

I was kindly invited by the lovely +Debbie deborahjanebinner from the blog: A Child of Mine

Debbie's daughter had Ewing's Sarcoma but sadly passed away at 18. Debbie works so hard getting the message out about the importance of Lord Saatchi's Medical Innovation Bill.

I also had the pleasure of finally meeting Chris Lewis who also attended & who is from the blog -
We've spoke so much via social media but have never met in person lol. Luckily we meet again in April for the +National UK Blog Awards LTD as we're are both up for a blogger award as finalists!

You can read more about the Saatchi Bill on their blog:

Follow Saatchi Bill on Twitter:

Article in The Telegraph today about the #SaatchiBillThe Telegraph: Lord-Saatchi-launches-the-consultation-on-his-medical-innovation-bill.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My poem about grief (life & death) for #CopingwiththebigC called "At one point in your life, you think you're gonna live forever."

At one point in your life,

You think you're gonna live forever,
As you grow up,
You awaken one day,
To realise you're wrong 
When you are young,
It feels like you have years ahead
To share with loved ones & family. 
But how short life really is.
As Human beings we put death aside
Even though we know inside it will eventually come
Knocking on our doors,
People put it to one side.
Outta sight, outta mind.
Some people don't want you talking about death
But how are people to grieve 
Without even a word said.
If you need to let it out 
Just let it out for sure.

By Becki McGuinness

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